Personal data

Who are we? federates the network of real estate agencies under the name Each agency carries out its activity in a legally and financially independent manner. The term ' Network' designates SAS, head of the Network and the member agencies. The Network is led, within the framework of its missions and/or the execution of pre-contractual or contractual measures, to process your personal data., in its capacity as head of the Network, also processes your personal data, in particular via our Internet sites and our mobile application managed by Poliris. Certain data are shared within the Network. Respectful of privacy, the Network attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. The present policy aims to explain to you in all transparency the methods and characteristics of the data processing implemented by the Network. (
What is the purpose of this policy?
The purpose of this policy is to inform you of the methods of collection, processing and use of your personal data, as well as your rights in this context with regard to the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in this area.
When do we process your data?
In general, your data is therefore collected directly from you. The personal data concerning you, communicated to the Network will be up to date, exact and complete. Data concerning you is collected or processed during your relations with the Network. Your data is, in particular, collected or processed during your navigation and when you enter information in the data collection forms on our website The websites of our agencies from, our mobile application or through the intermediary of the websites of our partners. Your data may also be collected or processed directly by an real estate agency. (hereafter 'the collection points '). In addition to this information, you are informed that the data we collect and process about you may be enriched by us, particularly for commercial, prospecting, communication or marketing purposes, by means of other sources of information (social networks, so-called 'public' information, file rentals, etc.). Furthermore, with regard to information processed within the framework of our recruitment operations, we use the information that you communicate to us (form for this purpose on the site) which we may integrate into our file of candidates (CV library). However, we may also contact third parties (for example, recruitment agencies, previous employers, internship supervisors or clients with whom you have worked on previous assignments) to collect information about you in order to study your application or your profile.
What categories of data do we collect?
Several categories of personal data concerning you may be collected, and in particular the following data Identification data: this includes data such as your title, your first and last name, your contact details (e-mail address, telephone number, postal address), a photocopy of your identity card when necessary... Data relating to the characteristics of your property: number of rooms, surface area, nearby shops, etc. Your traffic and browsing history on the site, including information relating to the traceability of your actions on and interactions with the site, as well as location data (location of the IP address for example), data relating to your terminal or tracking data of your actions with regard to emails that we may send you (openings, clicks ...) Data relating to the follow-up of your relationship with the Network: request for contact, information or documentation, correspondence exchanged, Data relating to your family, personal and even professional situation, All data useful for the exercise of the activity of real estate agent Data necessary for the realization of the actions of development of customer loyalty, prospecting, study, survey... Your information and documents (CV and cover letter in particular) communicated in the context of job applications, as well as information that we may collect for this purpose in the context of recruitment operations (school and university career, training and diplomas, experience and professional career, information relating to professional life in general, information of an economic or financial nature, information relating to personal life where applicable...).
Is the collection of this data mandatory?
The compulsory nature of the answers is indicated on the personal data collection forms by the presence of an asterisk next to the field(s) concerned. If there is no asterisk, the information requested is optional If you do not provide the required information, the request related to this data collection (for example: request for information, application...) may not be processed or its processing may be delayed.
For what purposes is your data collected?
Depending on the case, we process your data collected via the above-mentioned collection points in whole or in part for the following main purposes: In a general way, the management of the relations of the Network with its customers, prospects and contacts; The connection with one or more agencies; The management and realization of canvassing, solicitation, marketing and personalized communication operations (emails including newsletters and postal mail, telemarketing, targeting, segmentation and personalization of exchanges, in particular via the analysis of your preferences, your habits, your centers of interest, your browsing behavior, communication of job offers) of the Network. The transmission for commercial purposes to our partners in order to propose goods and services in adequacy with your needs, after collection of your consent; The follow-up and processing of applications and operations prior to recruitment, including the evaluation and selection of applications and professional profiles, in particular by means of the constitution of a file of candidates (or CVthèque), but also of methods and techniques of aid to recruitment, with a view to filling certain jobs (offers corresponding to your profile can be sent to you for this purpose); Participation in events or public relations organized by the network (employment forum, agency activities, etc.); Organization and management of contests; The access and the benefit of the functionalities proposed on the site such as the online estimator; To understand and study the use of the site by its users and their browsing behavior in order to improve our online communication; The improvement and optimization of the quality and functionality of the site; The realization and elaboration of studies, analyses, reports and statistics; The management and processing of requests from users of the site, and more generally from contacts of the Network, aimed at exercising their rights in terms of personal data protection; The respect of the legal and regulatory obligations resulting in particular from the activity of real estate agent. Depending on the purpose, the legal basis for such processing of personal data may vary. In general, such processing is necessary: For the management, processing and follow-up of your requests to the attention of the Network (in particular responses to requests for information, study of applications, etc.), these operations may in some cases be qualified as operations necessary for the execution of a contract to which you are a party or pre-contractual measures taken at your request (within the framework of a job application for example); For the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the Réseau within the framework of the management and the follow-up of its relations, in particular commercial, with the users of the site, and more generally with its contacts, and of the organization of its operations of marketing, prospection and communication in a general way; For the respect of legal and regulatory obligations imposed on the Network; In the absence of one of these three legal bases, the processing of your personal data will be based on your consent, in particular in the case of the transmission of your data to our commercial partners or your registration to our newsletter.
To whom is your data destined?
Your personal data is intended for the services and authorized personnel of SAS, agencies, as well as our partners. The said partners must comply with the RGPD regulation of 26th May 2018. The data may be communicated, for some of the above-mentioned purposes, and only if such communication proves necessary, to their possible service providers and partners, contractual and commercial, who may intervene within the framework of the above-mentioned processing of personal data. (For example: real estate websites...) Furthermore, your data may be communicated to any authority legally entitled to know about it, in particular in case of requisition from judicial, police or administrative authorities. It is specified that the recipients mentioned above are not necessarily recipients of all your data, but only those necessary for the purpose involving such communication.
How long will your data be kept?
In general, your data is kept for the period necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, subject to the obligations to keep certain data in application of legal or regulatory provisions (for example, accounting and legal retention periods, legal archiving), to settle disputes and to assert, exercise and/or defend our rights. (For example: 3 years from your last contact for commercial prospecting; 13 months for your browsing and traffic data, 2 years maximum for your online applications; 10 years for clients due to the particularity of the real estate market...). It is specified that all these data can however be kept longer than the above-mentioned periods: Or after obtaining your agreement; Or, in the form of archives, to meet any legal and regulatory obligations imposed on the Network or during the legal prescription periods. The above-mentioned retention periods have been defined in such a way as to allow us to process your requests (information, contact, online estimate, etc.) and/or to carry out our commercial, communication, marketing and recruitment operations, while respecting the principle of proportionality according to which personal data must not be kept longer than is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.
What are your rights?
In accordance with the above-mentioned legal and regulatory provisions, you have the right to query and access your data. You also have the right to rectify, delete and limit the processing of your data to a certain extent, as well as the right to portability of your data. You also have the right to object to your personal data being processed, and the right to object to your data being used for canvassing purposes, particularly commercial. You also have the right to define general and/or specific directives concerning the fate of your personal data and the way in which you wish your rights to be exercised after your death. In this respect, in the event of your death which would be brought to our attention, your data will be deleted, except for the need to keep it for a specific period of time for reasons relating to our legal and regulatory obligations and/or legal periods of limitation, and after having been communicated to a third party designated by you, if applicable. All requests to exercise these rights, as well as all requests for information concerning the protection of personal data, must be made by mail to, mentioning 'RGPD' before the subject of your request at the following postal address SAS 455 Promenade des Anglais Bâtiment D 06200 Nice We are planning to set up an internet form allowing you to unsubscribe online. In the interest of confidentiality and protection of your personal data, the Network must ensure your identity before responding to such a request. Also, any request to exercise these rights must be accompanied by a copy of a signed identity document. Some online forms on our site ask users to enter their telephone number. The user who does not wish to be the subject of commercial prospecting, in particular by telephone, is informed of his or her right to register free of charge on the national list of opposition to telephone canvassing via the website accessible at Finally, you should know that you have the possibility of lodging a complaint with a national authority responsible for the protection of personal data (in France, this is the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés or 'CNIL') if you believe that your data is not being processed in accordance with the applicable provisions. It is also specified that in application of articles L.223-1 and following of the Code of consumption, you can, if you are a consumer, oppose at any time to be contacted by telephone, by registering free of charge on the site
Cookies and other tracers or similar technologies
Cookies and other tracers or similar technologies (hereinafter 'cookies') may be installed and/or read in your browser when you visit the site.
What measures are implemented to ensure the security of your data?
Anxious to guarantee the security of your data, the Arthurimmo. com takes all useful and appropriate precautions and measures, whether physical, logical, technical, functional, administrative or organizational, with regard to the state of knowledge, the costs of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing as well as the risks, the degree of probability and seriousness of which vary, for the rights and freedoms of natural persons, to preserve the security and confidentiality of the data and to guarantee a level of security adapted to the risk, and in particular to prevent them from being deformed, damaged or accessed by unauthorized parties. Because of the difficulties inherent to the exercise of an activity on the Internet and the risks, which you are aware of, resulting from the transmission of data by electronic means, the Network cannot be held to an obligation of result. In case of difficulties, the Network will make its best efforts to limit the risks and will take all appropriate measures, in accordance with its legal and regulatory obligations (corrective actions, informing the national authority in charge of the protection of personal data and, if necessary, the persons concerned). In the event of subcontracting all or part of the processing of personal data, the Network contractually requires its subcontractors to provide security guarantees and in particular confidentiality guarantees with regard to the personal data to which they may have access (appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect this data).
What happens to your data on third-party websites?
Links present on the site can send you to third party sites, outside the Network. In this respect, your attention is drawn to the fact that the personal data protection policies of these sites may be different from that of the Network. It is therefore recommended, in all cases, to read the personal data protection policy of each of the sites concerned. In any case, the responsibility of Réseau cannot be sought in the case where the data processing implemented via one of these sites contravenes the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.